“Resistance and Reclamation”
in Nic[o] Brierre Aziz: I’d Rather Get Out Of Jail Than Get $1,000,000
Catalogue for 2023 exhibition at Antenna Gallery, New Orleans

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A companion book to Nic[o] Brierre Aziz’s first solo exhibition, “I’d Rather Get Out Of Jail Than Get $1,000,000”, features an array of works which relate to his inquiry of Blackness as a construct, experience and a colonial-capitalist tool. The exhibition’s title, which is pulled from a phrase written by Basquiat in his personal notebooks numerous times during his life, additionally illuminates Aziz’s personal experiences and perpetual questioning of “value” along with his conflicts and fears of falling in deeper love with something that is such a beautiful dark twisted fantasy. This book include essays by Allison Young and Renee Royale, interview with Nic by Mandy Ortiz, as well as tributes and commentary from his extended family.

Nic Brierre Aziz is a Haitian-New Orleanian interdisciplinary artist and curator born and raised in New Orleans, LA. His current practice is deeply community focused and rooted around the utilization of personal and collective histories to reimagine the future. In addition to his personal artistic practice, he currently serves as the Community Engagement Curator for the New Orleans Museum of Art. He has contributed to publications such as HuffPost, Burnaway, and AFROPUNK and his work has been featured by The Oxford American, The Associated Press and The Alternative UK. He has been a recipient of several notable artist residencies and fellowships and most recently was selected as a 2020 Andy Warhol Foundation Curatorial Fellow and a 2021 Joan Mitchell Center Artist-in-Residence. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morehouse College and a Master of Science degree from The University of Manchester (UK).